You can order 1000 words essay at Heroes Papers
Order 1000 words essay at Heroes Papers

Writing a 1000 words essay is easy and hard at the same time. A 1000 words essay is easy because it is short and takes relatively short time to complete. However, it is hard because every word counts and it takes effort to eliminate unnecessary words that fills up the word count. Therefore, it is sufficient to say that a 1000 word essay is a double edged sword; it cuts forwards and backwards. The good news is that a 1000 word essay allows you to use fewer amount of phrases, thus making the content better. This is because each phrase counts and the structure of the essay captures the attention of the reader.  By the end of the essay, make sure that your paper is logically connected and organized, so that it shows a clear stance on the subject and topic you are discussing. The following are the tips on how you can write a 1000 word essay to “wow” your instructor.

Take time to research on the topic provided. Do thorough research to understand the topic better. While doing the research, make notes. Remember to use credible sources, because using incredible sources makes your argument weak. You can contact us at  on how to locate credible sources. We have online databases to supplement our physical libraries which are credible. After researching and making notes, take a walk to refresh yourself.

  1. Reading

Read through your notes and comprehend the points effectively. Reading will help you to increase the knowledge on the subject that you are researching on.

  1. Make an outline

Make an outline of the paper. The outline involves an introduction, body, and a conclusion. Now, pay attention here. This is where you make the structure of your 1000 words essay. Keep in mind that every phrase counts. Therefore, come up with a structure that will cover all the sections of the essay effectively. The following is the best structure you will and should have within your paper.

Introduction and Thesis statement– 100-150 words.

Body– 700- 800 words

Conclusion: 100-150 words

Note that each part of the structure is important. Therefore, manage the word count in each part effectively.

  1. Writing

By now you have an outline, what remains is to fill in the points. Write very fast and allow ideas to flow. Don’t look at the word count. Just write freely keeping in mind the points in the outline and the structure of the essay.

  1. Edit, edit, edit.

At, we emphasize on editing because it makes the essay stand out. Edit your essay while keeping in mind the word count. There are high chances that when writing, you exceeded the word count, for example, you might have written 1,600 words instead of 1000 words. Don’t panic because you are on the right track. Exceeding the word count means that you let your ideas run freely on paper and you did not struggle to write your essay. Now it’s time to edit and reduce the word count. Read through your paper and delete the phrases that do not count much to the meaning of the essay. Hurray! You’re done. You deserve a cup of coffee.


The easiest way to approach a 1000 word essay is to order an outline from us. By ordering a 200 words outline, you will save yourself from the hassle of researching and reading. Just order an outline and let us do the research for you. The good news is that we will help you to locate credible sources for your essay. Once you receive the outline and the sources, read the points and take a walk to let the points sink in. Come back and write your essay. The advantage of ordering an outline is that places you ahead of your classmates and gets you on the right path to produce a high-quality essay. Your success is our priority!