Have you ever read a piece of writing and thought of writing a response? Well, I guess yes. But how do you respond? Article writing is important in communicating our ideas. Learning how to write articles is essential part of our academic and out of school life. Articles are a part of essay writing, because they have nearly the same approach. The following are the steps on how to write an article:

Get high-quality article writing help from Heroes Papers
Get high-quality article writing help from Heroes Papers
  1. Select your topic

Choose a topic in your area of interest. Choosing what you are interested in makes article writing simple. Mark Twain, the famous humorous writer said, “If you’re not having fun writing your content, then you’re doing it wrong.” What makes article writing fun? Writing on a topic that interests you. This is because you have the required information to write without straining. If your topic is broad, consider narrowing it down. For example, if your topic is how write better essays, narrow it down to how to write a specific type of essay rather than offering a broad topic.

After selecting your topic, brainstorm ideas by free writing anything that you think of. Allow your brain to wonder and write very fast because our brain processes ideas faster than we can write. Therefore, make sure you put down as many ideas as possible. Avoid analyzing the ideas because you will get stuck. Just write. After brainstorming, put it aside and take a walk or a coffee break. This allows the ideas to sink in and get your mind refreshed.

  1. Address the audience’s needs.

Come back to your piece. Switch gears from the writer’s point of view to the reader’s point of view. Imagine you’re the reader of the article. What would like to hear? What is your target audience? Pick the words that describes your target audience, for example, single women, single men, professionals. As a reader, what questions would like answered? You might not know the answers at the moment, but just list the questions.

Research will help you to answer the questions that you asked yourself as a reader. Research helps to support your points with evidence which is crucial for making the article credible.

Focus on the following while doing the research:

  • Statistics
  • Quotes by well-known people
  • Definitions
  • References to other sources, for example, film, and television.

Collect your sources and keep them. Be ready to produce the sources once asked by the editor for verification.

  1. Incorporate the research in your draft.

Now you have evidence for your points. Tighten the draft by incorporating the research in the outline. Note that steps 2 and 3 may compel you to start over again the article writing process. Don’t worry, that’s part of article writing. The purpose of the research is to ensure that you get the ideas right and support them with evidence, reasoning and logical analysis.

  1. Make it specific

Avoid wondering in many directions in your article. Focus on a specific area and address the questions that the audience wants to hear.

  1. Edit, edit, edit.

The last step in article writing, just like essay writing, is to edit, edit, edit. This means that you should do thorough editing by reading, revising and repeating the writing process. The idea is that you should come up with a clean masterpiece free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. We, at www.heroespapersinternational.org, recommend that you read your article out loud to a supportive friend and ask her a series of questions. Does the massage comes out clearly? Is the grammar correct? Is there anything else she would want to know about the subject? Next, listen to your friend’s suggestions with an open mind. Use your best judgment in deciding what to change, if there is the need.

At www.heroespapersinternational.org, we provide proofreading and editing services which you can use to ensure that your paper is grammatically flawless. Once you’re have finished writing, our editors can help you to ensure that the article meets the required standard.

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