435 HIM Assignment

Question 1

Characteristics of accountable care organization (ACO)

Patient-centered, well-coordinated care for a designated population of patients

Local decision-making

Focus on patient satisfaction

Rea; cost saving as a result of the above characteristics Read More

Hellenistic and Mediaeval

Epicurus is described as someone who understands the attainment of good things and the course of the bad things, who knows she/he, is able to control the path of their life and has the behavior to evaluate situations carefully to avoid pain and choose lifelong pleasures (O’Leary, 2003). Epictetus is the one who believe in the Stoic philosophy with emphasis in religion, and practicality. Their main focus is God and believes that God is almighty, creator and governor of all things Read More

Hero’s Journey Essay

Hero's Journey Essay
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Hero’s journey essay covers the parts of Joseph Campbell’s stages of  Hero’s Journey. Joseph Campbell,  an American mythological researcher in his book, “Hero with a Thousand Faces”, presents several basic stages that almost every hero-quest goes through. Despite the different cultures of myth, the hero’s journey will always have a common structure. Campbell called this common structure “the monomyth.” Basically, Hero’s journey essay covers the ordinary world, special world, and back to the ordinary world. Read More

Sample MLA Referencing Style Essay

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Gun Control in Texas
Gun control in Texas

Gun Control Policy in Texas

The State of Texas allows students, over the age of 21 years to carry concealed handguns to the classrooms (Findlaw). The issue of carrying guns became contentious not only in Texas but also in other eight States that allowed students to carry handguns citing the constitutional right to self-defense. Some people argue that legalizing guns on school compound will increase mass shooting (Schaefer 23). However, the proponents state that it is critical for self-defense since most criminals target guns-free zone. If the students carry handguns, then it is effective to throw bullets in the opposite direction in the event of an attack. The law, therefore, should allow students to carry handguns, but upon producing a background check. Read More

Academic Essay Writing

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