The sociologists define ethnicity as a concept that is used to refer to commonality in culture and the way of life. The similarity originates from common language, religion, cultural aspects of art and music and food and clothing. According to them, ethnicity is a primary source of cohesion for the society because of the togetherness that comes in as a result of shared culture. However, the social conflict is brought in as a result of the need to protect the culture against other cultures that pose a threat to the social space acquired by one culture (Rospenda and Richman 34).  Personally, I define ethnicity as a situation that allows a collection of people to shared ancestry and language. In this situation, geographical location does not dictate ethnicity.  I do include my family’s country of origin because a country is made up of a conglomeration of ethnic groups which makes it irrelevant to reduce it to an ethnic affiliation.

I happen to have my girlfriend who hails from an ethnic group in China, Uyghurs and friend from Yoruba ethnic group from Nigeria, West part of Africa. The fact that I can easily relate to them defines me as a multiethnic although every day comes with learning and tolerating such traits that are why we have maintained our social bonds for almost two years. My ethnicity compared to my friend from Africa and my girlfriend I will say that my affiliation stands ought because of the uniqueness that we have that keeps my friend wishing that we could just be a brother, Uh!  I may think that is the reason my girlfriend has maintained her undying affection for me.

According, to our text minority group, is an affiliation that enjoys minimal power and dominance and most of the situation they may find themselves acting as the servants to other groups that have powers over them such group may not be considered while making certain decisions leaving them to be victims of the decisions. Most people tend to confusingly use stereotype and prejudice. However, the two are different stereotypes are beliefs that are ascribed to a particular collection of people but prejudices are feelings about people because of their membership to the group both the two can be used positively or negatively (Nelson and Probst 12). Example of the stereotyping that I always see is that all the Britons are good in spoken and written English. The stereotype has made some of the non-Britons to feel despised when communicating to the Britons hardly did they know that others enroll in school so that they can be in a position to understand English as they are perceived by most people.  However, for such stereotype to be broken down interactive programs should be put in place these programs ensure that other people relate with the Britons to realize that the perception is wrong that even some of the non-Britons re good in English compared to other Britons.

In conclusion, inappropriate use of prejudice and stereotype can result in discrimination and other forms of harassment. For instance, racial discrimination is one bone of contention that is believed to have roots from prejudice and stereotype and the consequences of the racial discrimination have proven to be grave. Therefore, ethnicity, prejudice, and stereotype are some of the concepts if not addressed appropriately can cause more harm than good because of their liquidity.

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