Self Concept Essay

How you perceive yourself determines how people perceive you. If you see yourself as worth, people will see your worth, but if you see yourself as inferior, it will soon become true in your life. The following is a self concept essay on “Strategies that people use to cope with threat to their Self-Conception” The self concept essay covers emotion focus, focusing on positive thoughts, and self expression. Read it to get a better understanding of the term self concept. You may also read scientific socialism essay to expand your knowledge.

Youur self concept determines how people see you
How you see your self determines how people see you

Self Concept Essay

The self-concept refers to a person’s sense of self or a person’s self-identity. The four factors that determine a person’s self-concept include education, culture, gender and age (Uskul & Hynie, 2014). People identify themselves with each in reference to the four elements. For instance, when people are educated, they perceive themselves as literate. On the other hand, uneducated people perceive themselves as illiterate. Culture, which is the way of people’s lives, determine how people regard themselves. Gender, determines how people behaves and do the pre-determined roles in the society. In some other cases, however, people have problems coping with their self-concept. This is a serious problem which can haunt a person and hinder progress. The strategies by which a person can use to cope with the threat of their self-concept, therefore, include, focusing on emotions and the problems.

Emotion focus coping to the threat of self-conception include, first, shipping out. This involves fleeing the problem and focusing on other things. The threat to self-conception can be very detrimental if a person decides to deal with it.  The first step that a person can take, therefore, it to ship out (Bakouri & Staerklé, 2015). A common cliché says that cowards die many deaths before facing the real battle. In this case, however, it would be necessary for a person to flee and live to fight another war. In this strategy, most people decide to leave the room either physically or mentally just to avoid the problem. Others start taking drugs just to feel good. In as much as taking drugs does not solve the problem, but it postpones the problem and when it resurfaces, an individual will have the required energy to deal with it.

Secondly, an individual can choose to focus on positive energy and ignore the negative energy. Psychologists advise people to focus on the positive energy to have the desired results. What an individual focuses on expands. According to Batory (2015), if a people focus on positive things, they get positive results and if they choose to focus on the negative, they get negative results.  It is necessary, therefore, for a person faced with threat of self-conception to affirm the positive thoughts.

Third, self-expression. A person faced with the threat to self-conception can express his or her thoughts to people who are willing to listen. Sharing a problem relieves the person and initiates happy emotions. Contrary, keeping things to oneself is dangerous and can cause serious problems in future when the problems resurface. Psychologists, therefore, advise people to express themselves and say what might be disturbing them.

Fourth, tend and befriend. A common saying states that if you cannot beat them, join them. If one is facing the threat to self-concept, can choose to befriend the situation and cope with it (Uskul & Hynie, 2014). Befriending might be difficult initially, but eventually an individual copes with it. For instance, one can create a social network and close friendships to help each other to deal with personal problems. It is important, however, for a person to be keen on the time of social network to create.

In conclusion, the strategies that a person can use to cope with the threat to their self-conception is by the use of emotional intelligence. These strategies revolve around self-awareness, self-control, social skills and motivation. In self-awareness, a person identifies his or her emotions and decides if it is wise to ship out or stay in. Self-control and motivation help an individual to focus on the positive energy. Finally, tending and befriending requires an individual to have the social skills.

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