Writing  strong thesis statement is one of the aspects of a powerful essay. A strong thesis statement shows that you know what you’re writing about. In other words, strong thesis statement clearly states the purpose of the essay. Every essay should have the main idea or the central message, so the sentence that captures your position on the main idea is the thesis statement.

For argumentative or persuasive piece of writing, begin with a debatable thesis or claim. However, if the piece of writing is explanatory, then a statement that sums up the main idea is enough.

What’s the appropriate length of a thesis statement?

Writing Strong Thesis Statement Made Simple
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A thesis statement sums up the main idea in one or two sentences. It presents the topic of the paper and includes a comment about your position in relation to the topic. Normally, the thesis statement is the last line of the introduction.

Make your thesis statement specific

Make the thesis statement specific so that the reader can know exactly what you’ll talk about.


General thesis: There is a difference between a savage and civilized man.

Specific thesis: The savage and the civilized man differ in regard to their basest desires and inclinations.

In the example above, the general thesis statement only says that there is a difference between a savage and a civilized man. The specific thesis statement highlights the differences; basest desires and inclinations.

Make your thesis clear.

Make your thesis statement as clear as possible. Being clear in a thesis statement ensures that the reader understands exactly your main idea. The above specific thesis statement is clear and specific.

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